Jean Watson

Psychotherapist /Counsellor
Specialises in:

Addictions, Anxiety, Coaching, Couples/Family, Depression, Relationships, Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Stress, Weight Loss/Gain

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About Me

I am an experienced integrative Face to Face and Online Counsellor. I don’t subscribe to a “one size fits all” style of Counselling and use a mix of Counselling skills including CBT and DBT to empower both individuals and couples. 

I genuinely enjoy working with clients and their different issues, this ensures that I stay fresh and relevant in my thinking and skills. 

I can’t, and don’t, promise miracles.  I can however promise honesty, respect, and an open mind.  As an experienced Counsellor, I can show client(s) how to change behaviours.   I also recognise that some clients may not be ready to fully deal with some issues yet. Even in those cases, the client will always have more insight into themselves at the end of a session than they expected to at the start. And when they are ready, they will find it easier to know how to do that. 


Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Verified by Online Therapy Institute

Therapy Methods

I work with most issues ranging from anxiety, stress, relationships etc to addictions (of all kinds) and Personality Disorders whether they be for individuals or relationships.  My style of Counselling can be summed up as conversational, informative and effective.  I support client(s) not only in finding out the cause of their issues but more importantly how they can change their thinking to move pass them and to integrate their new skills back into their lives which, going forward, ensures a good sense of resilience to see them on their journey through life.   I know how hard it can be for clients to confide in strangers, even professional counsellors like myself, so I make the process as easy and as relaxed as possible.    

Sometimes just this in itself is enough for someone to organise and verbalise their thoughts in order that they can move on.  But sometimes the issues are more deep routed and need bringing to the surface before we can deal with them.  This may require more thought provoking work with a client. 

Other Information

Before deciding to work with me, clients should be aware that as Counselling is usually about change and that can take some time and therefore more than one session is usually the desired outcome. However, that said sometimes clients just like to check in and have a safe space to explore their thoughts and therefore one session is enough for them to do that and I am flexible enough to accommodate that.   Also, in working with couples, whilst there will always be an outcome, sometimes that outcome isn’t always about reconciliation, but it will be about learning to make respectful communication choices, whatever that looks like.

I work most days and some weekends.   PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR A REPLY.  Directions will be sent for Face to Face Sessions in Haywards Heath, West Sussex on confirmation of an appointment.


This is what some of the people I have worked with have thought about how I work:


“Good communication with me”

“I’ve never done anything like this previously. Very nice lady, easy to talk to. I really trusted and liked her”

“Loved her. Clear and supportive!!!”

“Jean made me feel relaxed and at ease, very easy to talk to I didn’t feel at any point there was any pressure while we talked which when your dealing with emotional issues is very important”

“Jean has been brilliant for us, we are into our 3rd session with her, and she really makes us look at things from a different point of view. We can’t fault her at all. We so pleased to have found Jean!”

“Jean was very friendly and knew a lot about My condition and shined some light to my partner about that aswell as giving us strategies to work with”

“As our first ever therapy session we were obviously very nervous and anxious. Jean is very friendly, welcoming and very clear. It became obvious very quickly that Jean knows exactly what she’s doing as she helped my wife and I open up and discuss our issues without feeling judged. I only wish we did this before as it would of saved a lot of stress, anxiety and sadness. I haven’t got anything to compare when it comes to counselling and counsellors, but I honestly can’t fault Jean. Even after 1 session I felt the weight lifted off my shoulders and found it very enlightening”

“We are so lucky to have found Jean, we love her conversational style of therapy – she completely understood the intricacies of our issues and is the perfect couple’s counsellor. The session is not just centred around us talking to her and sharing our concerns, it’s a two-way conversation where Jean provided so many useful tips and advice for us to implement in our relationship to improve our situation. She even sent us some exercises to practice after our session. We will be seeing her regularly and highly recommend her”.


“Jean was very supportive and understanding and gave me strategies to work on and recommended useful material for me”

“Had a great first session Jean is very friendly and welcoming”

“Very helpful, easy to understand”

“Jean made me feel very able to explore my feelings, challenging me when needed and gave me the clarity I needed to get on with things!”

“Very understanding and really helped me to open up and see my challenges in a different light”